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Communications Solutions – Internet, phone, network and WiFi

Sunset Telecom Systems in Los Angeles, California, sells, services, and installs a range of telecom, network and video equipment. As a premium telecommunications company in the area, we take pride in offering our customers a variety of quality products including; internet, phones, voicemail, network, WiFi, television, cable and satellite. Our work is licensed and insured! Contact Us (link to Contact Us) or call 310-478-5872 (call number on mobile phone) .

We have solutions for a variety of applications for …

law offices, call centers, entrepreneurs, large homes, multi-site business, home offices

Our Mission

Sunset Telecom Systems is a communication and technology solutions company dedicated to providing small to medium businesses will prompt and professional voice, data and video products and services. We provide the newest communication equipment and consulting in order to prepare our clients for future developments.

Contact us in Los Angeles, California, to learn more about the phone and surveillance systems we offer.

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