Message Waiting Light Won’t Turn Off – Pansonic Phones

My message waiting light on my Panasonic phone will not turn off what do I do?

To give you more information than you need this is because of a feature called message waiting set. This name is misleading because it doesn’t have to do with messages what it means is that someone called you and when you were not available they set a feature to let you know to call them back.  The reality is that most people accidentally set this feature when they hang up the phone. Before you hang up if you press 4 this sets that feature and as I said before most people do this on accident. There are two ways to clear the light first you can press message and pick up the handset this will call the person that left you the message when they answer the light will clear. Secondly you can dial intercom*790 this is an extension data clear this will also remove the light.

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