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40 and 100 GB Fiber Optics

Fiber optics uses pulses of light to transmit a signal through tiny “strands” of glass covered in a protective barrier. Because light is less susceptible Read more

VoIP and Phone Service Providers

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) can be an overused term in the Telecom Industry. The reason is twofold: sales and infrastructure. Our Telecom infrastructure has undergone drastic changes over the years and reality is Read more

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VoIP Product

At Sunset Telecom we support and provide an array of VoIP products from pure VoIP phones to system based IP phones. Be sure to checkout our learning center for more information.

VoIP Product List

Digital, VoIP Phone & Voicemail Digital, VoIP Phone & Voicemail Surveillance Surveillance Network & Wi-Fi Network & Wi-Fi Entry Entry Structured Cable Structured Cable

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